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4 Mattress Innovations Changing The Way We Sleep (For The Better)

Mattress Innovations Changing For The Better Sleep

A good quality mattress is vital to ensure good sleep. Besides, it decreases overall stress and anxiety, benefitting the mind and body and improving life quality.

Sleep health has evolved significantly since the disco era kicked in with platform heels and memory foam mattresses. Since then, most top-notch mattress companies have been striving to align modern sleep goals with modern mattress technology. The awareness of how sleep quality directly impacts the quality of life is quite evident in how people are more inclined to choose better-quality mattresses nowadays.

Read on to find out how state-of-the-art innovations in mattresses have improved the way we sleep.

Compressing and Roll-Packing Innerspring Beds

A few years back, putting an entire mattress into a box would have been like fitting an elephant into a rabbit's hole. However, with easy access to online shopping, most top mattress companies have found a way to do just that and deliver your preferred mattress to your door.

These days, advanced roll-packing machines are primarily curated to compress anything, ranging from all-foam mattresses to the adjustable mattress bases. This process also boosts your mattress's integrity — bursting the cell structure for better breathability as the mattress expands.

Latex Alternative Foams

Latex foam or hyper-responsive foam is typically engineered with the sap of rubber trees and is considered the crème de la crème (best choice) of bedding materials. Considering the quality of a best latex mattress, it is slightly high-priced — a reason why some mattress companies use a blend of synthetic and natural latex to engineer beds at a lower cost.

Do you want to invest in a good-quality mattress but are not sure how to choose the right mattress? Don't worry! Consult with a reputed mattress company near you to select the most appropriate alternative for yourself.

Individually Pocketed Spring Technology

A couple of decades ago, shopping for a mattress typically meant purchasing an innerspring mattress made of steel coils and connected by metal wiring. These were a bane to couples' existence as even a minimal movement by one sleeper could interrupt the sleep of the other.

Then, entered pocketed spring technology! In today's era, mattress shopping relates to selecting a hybrid innerspring or an all-foam mattress. The advanced technology of creating individual coils and corralling each one in the fabric has enabled the manufacturers to isolate the motion of each sleeper.

So, if you want to ensure a tight sleep at night, pocketed spring mattresses can help you greatly.

Cooling Phase Change Surface Infusions

It is no surprise that sleeping hot is one of the most repeated complaints of and a major reason for people experiencing poor sleep. The reason is simple — body temperature starts dropping to initiate sleep. So, an environment that is too warm will only hinder proper sleep.

Luckily, advanced cooling technology has drastically diminished the temperature regulation issues with phase change surface infusions. These infusions are generally made of gel that reacts to your body heat and transforms into cooling liquid when your body turns hot. This offers you an active cooling effect that most breathable beds available in the market are unable to provide. Thus, mattresses with cooling innovations work righteously in ensuring quality sleep at night.

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