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purple mattress

Now there is an affordable alternative to the Purple Mattress that features a flexible grid on top of a comfortable foam lower layer to deliver unparalleled comfort and support—The Butterfly by Natural Elements.


The Butterfly Mattress creates a sleep system that dynamically senses & adapts so it is perfectly responsive to each body’s unique needs without trapping body heat or creating that “get stuck” feeling.


The Butterfly Mattress, like the purple mattress, has a flexible gel grid resembling the shape of butterflies, that is both firm, in order to support your body and soft so there’s a relaxing reduction in tension and pressure. This grid is perfect for the whole body.

Discover the ultimate comfort and exceptional support of a quality purple mattress at Mattress Plus. Imagine cocooning yourself in cloud-like luxury after a long, tiring day, with a mattress that boasts innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Not only does the Purple mattress adapt to your body shape and sleeping style, but it also ensures optimal pressure relief and breathability. At Mattress Plus, you can find the perfect fit for your needs from a wide selection of purple mattresses, each designed to enhance your overall sleep experience. Invest in better rest and transform your nights with a purple mattress from Mattress Plus - after all, you deserve nothing but the best!


The grid in the Butterfly Mattress adapts under pressure from your head, shoulders and hips to surround your body with comfort while evenly supporting your weight.

The gel grid will adapt as you change sleep positions. It follows your movement, so you won’t feel the interruptions that are common in other types of mattresses.

For a better, more affordable alternative to the Purple Mattress, come by and check-out the Butterfly Mattress by Natural Elements. Only at Mattress Plus!

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