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In its simplest form, a latex mattress is one that has been manufactured using the collected and processed sap of a rubber tree as its internals, instead of using traditional bedding technology like air or springs. A latex topped mattress are widely considered to be the best mattress for back pain, most durable, natural and healthy. They are also popular for those with allergies because the hypoallergenic organic material makes them the healthiest and best eco-friendly latex mattresses on the market.

At Mattress Plus, we have the best latex mattress and latex-topped mattresses. Our products are made with natural, high-quality materials that provide superior comfort and support. Shop now to experience the perfect sleep!


Natural rubber or latex is extracted from a limited number of places that grow rubber trees. Natural latex mattress materials are subject to various natural conditions where the sap of the rubber trees is harvested. The material in latex topped mattresses are affected by the dirt the trees grow in, the rainfall amount, and various other conditions. The latex mattress brands Mattress Plus carries get their raw materials from the very best locations under prime conditions. There are three different types of materials that go into the best latex mattress: natural, synthetic, and synthetic blends. Natural latex is usually softer and more springy, while synthetic latex properties tend to add more firmness and support.

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