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Innerspring vs Hybrid mattresses: What's The Difference?

Innerspring and Hybrid mattresses

The right mattress makes a significant difference in getting a comfortable sleep at night. A mattress past its prime might not offer adequate back support, leading to irritation, ache, and stiffness the following day. Additionally, some unfitting mattresses can even worsen your existing back pain.

However, investing in a firm, high-quality mattress is ideal to keep your spine in a comforting position throughout the night. While there is no perfect mattress that suits all body types and requirements, selecting the most suitable one is preferable.

With so many alternatives available, buying the right mattress can be overwhelming. It requires you to narrow down your options based on quality, comfort, and cost. However, you might want to determine whether you want foam, a spring mattress, or a combination of both (hybrid mattress).

One of the significant differences between a hybrid and an innerspring mattress is the design. Both beds have a coil support system, but hybrids have a thicker comfort layer than innerspring mattresses.

Are you feeling confused already? Worry not!

Continue reading to understand a few differences between both mattresses to help determine the most appropriate choice for your comfort.

Mattress Construction

A traditional innerspring mattress is curated with a simple design, a coil support system sandwiched between two thin comfort layers. Bounciness is one of the best features of an innerspring mattress, as the comfort layer is generally filled with cotton or wool for padding.

On the contrary, a hybrid mattress is a fusion of both innerspring and foam mattresses, bringing you a perfect balance between comfort and support. It packages the benefit of coils while eliminating the drawbacks of an innerspring mattress. It comprises a comfort layer, a coil layer, and a foam base.

Pain Relief

Innerspring mattresses are prone to sag faster than other types of mattresses. A sagging mattress contributes to back pain as the coils of an innerspring mattress create a firm surface that does not adapt to the sleeper's body. Therefore, an innerspring mattress is not recommended for side and petite sleepers.

On the contrary, best hybrid mattresses are considered most suitable for back pain relief, credit to their conforming foam tops. The malleability of the mattress relieves pressure and prevents back pain.

Edge Support

If you are looking for a good-quality mattress that supports arthritis or any other medical condition that hampers movement, then edge support is an essential attribute to look for. An innerspring mattress without edge support can deteriorate quickly and create unsafe sleep surfaces.

Hybrid mattresses are known to be burly around their coil layer. Besides offering protection, this feature also firms up the sides of the coil. This enables you to move in and out of bed quickly.

Motion Isolation

An average innerspring mattress typically lacks a coil system that prevents motion transfer. This makes your partner more likely to feel your movements across the bed.

Another advantage of investing in a good-quality hybrid mattress is that it offers you the freedom of easy movement without disturbing your partner's sleep.

Versatile Comfort

The structuring of an innerspring mattress focuses more on support, rather than sleeper comfort.

Hybrid mattresses come in a variety of designs and firmness. For instance, soft hybrids are suitable for side and petite sleepers, while firm hybrids offer support to the stomach, back, and plus-size sleepers. However, medium-feel hybrids are excellent for combination sleepers.

Moreover, hybrid & adjustable mattress bases move well with adjustable beds, while an innerspring mattress is prone to damage if used with an adjustable bed.

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