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Sleeping Too Hot Or Too Cold? Here's The Solution!

Seeking a good night's rest when your bed is too hot or cold can be exhausting. Sleeping too cold at night can give rise to fibromyalgia or arthritis symptoms, making it hard to sleep peacefully. Similarly, sleeping too hot can cause uncomfortable sweating, turning and tossing, and a night of disrupted sleep. Neither of the situations is good for a peaceful sleep.

Therefore, maintaining an optimal sleep temperature in your bedroom and on your mattresses is essential. Moreover, finding a workable solution for partners with different temperature preferences may seem challenging. One of the practical ways to find the best latex mattress is to take the assistance of a reputed mattress store in your city.

How bed composition affects sleep temperatures?

Besides room temperature and other personal factors, mattresses significantly affect how warm or cool you will ultimately feel. Each bed is made with different materials and properties. Read on to find out the differences between each mattress and how they can affect the temperature and quality of your sleep.

Latex mattresses

Depending on the material type and bed composition, latex topped mattress have a pretty low rate of heat complaints. Beds made with natural latex feel less heated, while the mattresses made with synthetic latex feel warmer, and the beds made with thick layers of regular foam on top of the latex feel the warmest.

Hence, latex mattresses with pinholes throughout perform better on breathability, leading to high customer satisfaction and better sleep quality.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam beds have a reasonably high rate of heat complaints compared to spring and other non-foam mattresses.

Innerspring or coil mattresses

The core of spring mattresses is made of metal coils, topped with layers of fiber and foam. Moreover, mattresses with thick comfort layers or those with thick memory foam layers are known to have heat issues.

Waterbed mattresses

Waterbed mattress owners are known to report cold sleeping rather than hot. This is because water can quickly adapt to room temperature and absorb body heat, leading you to sleep on a colder surface. You can consider using a waterbed heater to solve the issue.

Sleep temperature solution

Finding out realistic solutions to allow yourself and your partner to sleep at an ideal temperature is essential. It further enables you to prevent body aches and discomfort while improving your sleep quality. Here's what you can do.

If your bed feels too cold at night, you can:

  • Use electric blankets to maintain the warmth of your covers and mattress. However, it is not recommended for memory foam mattresses, as they can react to heat.

  • Use a higher-weight blanket.

  • Use heated mattress pads.

  • Use a memory foam topper.

  • Use a waterbed heater.

  • Choose heavy bedding.

If your bed feels too hot at night, you can

  • Use a plant-based mattress.

  • Select lightweight bedding.

  • Opt for cotton or bamboo sheets.

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