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How to Take Care of Your Mattress

Once you finally save up money to buy the mattress of your dreams, you will need to ensure that you take proper care of it, so it lasts long. Fortunately, there's not much you need to do to take proper care of your mattress. All you need to do is a little cleaning and routine maintenance! Here's how to take care of your mattress.

Ensure that the Mattress is Properly Supported

While there is no need to always buy a matching box spring or foundation for your mattress, you need to ensure that what you have offers adequate support to your mattress. This will go a long way in helping you preserve the integrity of materials and avoid early wear. To understand the amount of support your mattress needs, you can check with the manufacturer or read the warranty policy for recommendations. In general, if you have a spring mattress, you will also need to get a box spring. On the other hand, firmer and more solid support options are needed if you buy a memory foam mattress. It's also important to check on your bed's support from time to time to ensure that nothing is broken that could affect your mattress.

Turn and Rotate Your Mattress

Depending on the type of mattress you have bought, you might have to turn and rotate it from time to time. Flipping the mattress only applies if you acquired a double-sided mattress. Most double-sided mattress brands recommend that you rotate or turn your mattress anywhere from once every 12 weeks to once a year. If the mattress is single side, you must check if there is a 'rotate regularly' label on it. The general recommendation is to rotate your mattress from head to toe at least once a week for the first three months. After that, you can stick to doing it only once a month. This will go a long way in prolonging the life of your mattress.

Mattress Cleaning

It is important to ensure that your mattress is clean at all times. You should clean any spills as soon as you can with warm, soapy water and a cloth. It's also important to remove dust and debris using a soft brush. You must stay away from cleaning products or vacuuming your mattress.

These are some of the things you will need to do to ensure that your mattress lasts as long as you want it to. Fortunately, mattress care is not difficult. If you just master these few tasks, you can rest assured your mattress will last long.

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