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How to shop for the perfect mattress

Buying or replacing your mattress can be exhausting as it involves carrying out excessive navigation through the stores and websites, contemplating between spring and foam, and determining the best-suited size for your mattress. However, one of the most significant features you should consider before selecting a mattress is whether it offers uniform support to your back by allowing your spine to stay aligned or not.

Listed below are the critical parameters you should consider while shopping for mattresses:

1. Comfort

Mattresses are generally categorized into soft, medium, medium-firm, or firm. Depending on customers' preferences and body type, some may like to sleep on a harder surface while others may like softer ones. While medium and medium-firm mattresses are most popular, you should also consider your sleep position and body type when shopping for an ideal mattress. For instance, if you are a lightweight stomach sleeper, consider choosing a medium-firm mattress for the best results.

2. Support

Besides being able to touch all your body points, mattress support also refers to how much your mattress pushes your body upward when you lie on it. Ideally, a good-quality mattress should not push you up when you lie down. This feature significantly helps eliminate the pain points in your body while maintaining uniform blood flow throughout the night. However, if you turn and toss too much in the night, consider selecting a memory foam mattress to give yourself a peaceful sleep.

3. Breathability

The breathability of a mattress denotes whether your mattress produces heat while sleeping or not. Remember that there is a significant difference between mattresses producing heat and mattresses adapting to the body temperature. However, selecting a breathable mattress will allow you to let your skin breathe, making you feel more comfortable.

4. Durability

The durability of a mattress is defined by the compression and density of the materials used. For instance, high-density foam, pure latex, and pocket spring mattresses with suitable thickness and gauge can offer good durability to your mattresses. On the contrary, bonded foam, coir, and cotton mattresses are lesser recommended materials on this parameter.

5. Hygiene and maintenance

Hygiene and maintenance are other critical factors that most people tend to overlook while selecting mattresses. This will help you safeguard your mattresses from harsh stains caused by spills. Thus, consider looking for a removable cover from the mattresses, allowing you to wash and maintain hygiene for longer durations.

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