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Firm vs Soft: Picking a Mattress for Couples

A mattress is an important part of a good night's sleep and picking the right one can be a bigger challenge than you might expect. Buying a mattress is hard enough when you are the only one sleeping on it, but buying when you have a partner can be nearly impossible. There are some tips you can use however to help get a great mattress that both of you will love.

Is a Firm Mattress Better than a Soft One?

This is the age-old debate when it comes to buying a mattress. Some argue that a firm mattress offers more support, that it helps to hold your spine in place while you sleep. Others claim that a soft mattress helps you fall asleep faster and cradles the body. There is not a ton of research that supports either theory wholeheartedly, but only 9% of Americans feel that they are actually getting a good night's sleep on the mattress that they already own.

When buying a mattress, it is always best to take the time to look at all your options. There are tons of different brands, styles, and materials out there that all have their own benefits and drawbacks. From mattresses that are meant to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep, to mattresses that you can adjust the firmness depending on how you feel that night, the right mattress is out there.

How to Choose a Mattress

When choosing your mattress, the key is to take the time to feel a few different styles and brands. Visiting a mattress gallery or showroom can help you feel the mattress in real life before you purchase and can give your partner the same opportunity. Try different thicknesses of a mattress, different firmness, different materials, and different brands. Taking the time to feel out your options is going to make a bigger difference than you might realize.

It is also important to remember, mattresses are very different, even within the same brand. Taking your time and feeling a few are going to give you the best idea of what you like, the best chance at finding a best latex mattress, and the best chance at being happy with what you get. Firmness and softness may be relative, you may find you like a mattress that is firmer than you thought or softer, taking the time to feel a few can help you choose.


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