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5 Incredible Benefits of Having a Quality Mattress

A growing body of research continues to link getting enough sleep to overall human health. From weight loss benefits to improving memory to boosting your immune system, there are plenty of positives that come with getting adequate sleep. The quality of your sleep may come down to one critical factor: your mattress.

Your mattress can significantly impact your health and ability to have a good night's sleep. A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found out that 92% of respondents believe that a comfortable mattress is vital for a peaceful slumber. Here are five amazing benefits of getting a quality mattress from the mattress store.

1. Reduce Your Allergies

You may be allergic to dust mites that may have set up home in your mattresses. These microscopic creatures feed on dead skin cells that you shed naturally on your beddings. WebMD estimates that over 20 million Americans are allergic to the bugs. These mites are the leading cause of indoor allergies.

Quality mattresses have a dense, compact structure, providing less space for the dust mites to live in. The visit to the mattress store may see you have less hay-fever like symptoms and asthma attacks.

2. Eliminate Stress

Buying a mattress with excellent qualities may help reduce stress levels by getting adequate sleep. The wrong mattress can leave you weary, cranky, and sleep deficient. These conditions may increase the levels of stress hormones within your body. An increase in sleep quality provided by a quality mattress can help reduce discomfort, irritability, and nervousness as you lay eyes shut. It can also help keep your moods relaxed and your blood pressure low.

3. Promote Proper Spinal Alignment

Everyone has a unique sleeping pattern and style, which may affect the type of mattress to buy. The best mattresses at the mattress shop will provide adequate support to all parts of the body equally. There is no discomfort or pressure on your ankles, ribcage, back, or shoulders.

Uneven weight distribution may lead to improper alignment of the spine, which may result in chronic pain. A quality mattress gives the proper level of support, conforming to the curve of your spine. Couple with distributing your weight across the frame, the mattress is a recipe for a good night's sleep.

4. Reduce Aches and Pains

A comfortable mattress can help relieve body aches and pains related to bad sleeping postures. A bad mattress can cause back or hip discomfort that sets off a cycle of chronic pain issues. Long term sleep deprivation may lead to your body becoming more susceptible to infections, allergies, and chronic diseases. Choosing a quality mattress from a mattress store in Shreveport LA can help relieve your pressure points and support your posture.

5. Tackle Your Toss and Turns

An interrupted night's sleep can be frustrating, especially when sleeping next to your partner. Regular tossing and turning may result in sleep deprivation, forcing you to wake up every time they shift in bed. A firm high-quality mattress absorbs the motion waves, leaving you to enjoy a night of undisturbed, peaceful sleep.

A good mattress offers more than just comfort to you as you sleep. You can improve your health by choosing a high-quality Tempurpedic mattress. Mattress Plus is a mattress shop in LA that can help you improve your sleep quality and better your overall wellness.


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